Saturday, November 13, 2010

HP Laptop Help! How To Change Screen Size?

I just got my HP laptop back after a month of getting it fixed. I turned it on and the screen is HUGE! I don't like how wide it is. How can I change it back?

And, please keep it within terms I can understand. There's a reason I had to get it fixed xDHP Laptop Help! How To Change Screen Size?
Open control panel then display. Click on the settting tab, ajust your resolution to a higher one. test until you find the best res for you.HP Laptop Help! How To Change Screen Size?
- Right click on the desktop and click ';Personalize';

- A box will pop up and at the bottom click on ';Display Settings';

- You can then adjust the resolution using the slider. You'll want a resolution more towards the ';High'; side. Then click Ok.

That's for Windows Vista. You didn't specify which operating system you had so if you have Windows XP or Windows 7 or something else it'll be a bit different.
really it would depend on your OS (XP, Vista, etc) but normally you can right click the house on the mail screen (desktop) and go to Properties or Personalize. thsi should put you in the right direction.

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